About the Artist

Steve Pitts lives in Ardmore, Tennessee. A graduate of University of Alabama in Huntsville, he has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. His other interests include caving, photography, pipe organs, military science, Hatha yoga and mountain climbing.

                       Stephen Pitts mandala steampunk artwork

Butters the cat helping with the creative process.



  1. Dave Auwen says

    Steve – as always – you blow my shit away! One of these days I’d like to go with you into a cave – not technically challenging – but to get the flavor and enjoyment that drives you.

    You take care, and keep it real, Mr. Sulu! LOL

  2. John Knox says

    Steve, I’m showing at D*con for my second year! I
    And I have to say I love your artwork! I can’t wait to see your stuff. I do technical cutaways, and your style appeals very much. Can’t wait to talk more.

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