Crustacean is another in a series of asymmetrical mechanical drawings inspired by nineteenth century lithographs of industrial machinery. In this drawing are depictions of gears, pulleys, motors and drive belts, and random mechanical structures. The most basic design is intended to resemble a clock mechanism with pendulums and gears, but the drawing began to evolve into a quasi-living form. I began to think of the structure as a sea snail :the tractor tracks and suspension system are the foot of the snail, the searchlight and various related appendages are the antennae. Multiple layers link together to form an integrated mechanism.

Crustacean Steve Pitts drawing









Birmingham ArtWalk

symmetrical universe birmingham artwalkFriday and Saturday I participated in the Birmingham ArtWalk, an arts festival in Birmingham’s downtown district. This was the fourth year I’ve participated in this event and I had a great time, as always. I always enjoy meeting other artists and meeting people who love art.

This year I displayed three new drawings (that I still need to post here!). My new drawings are more mechanical in nature, and seemed to appeal to several engineers and architects who stopped by.

My next show will be the first weekend of October, also in Birmingham, for the Bluff Park Art Show. I’m really looking forward to participating in this new one.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth this weekend. I just added a newsletter signup button to my webpage. Join my mailing list to keep up with my show schedule, new artwork, and other news.