Launching new adult coloring book series

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and I’m getting in on the act with an offering that is a little different. I’m working on a coloring book featuring my intricately detailed drawings of mandalas and Celtic designs, plus also steampunk and mechanical drawings.

Zororaster symmetrical universe adult coloring book
Scan of the original pen and ink drawing Zororaster

I’ve created these symmetrical drawings for many decades, entirely freehand with only pen and ink. When people started to mention that my drawings would make great coloring books, I were intrigued. I took a look, and with some work my wife (through her publishing company Rocket City Books) put together two books based on my artwork. Because my original drawings are all a fairly large format (14×17 in most cases) we included each original drawing, but then broke the book down into detailed views of many of his most complex drawings. We believe this will give you a great opportunity to use your creativity to design your own colors and interpretations of the drawings.

My mechanical drawings are also unique in the world of adultcoloring books. Many of my drawings are inspired by spaceships, electronics, and machines, so my drawings will be attractive to people who enjoy the world of steampunk and science fiction.

symmetrical universse mandala adult coloring book steve pitts

The coloring books will be available on Amazon on April 20. Get a copy and share your coloring inspirations with us and we’ll publish them here!

symmetrical universe science fiction art steve pitts

Tibetan Mandala

Tibetan Mandala was one of my first large mandalas. The design is based on the traditional Tibetan Mandala format: a Teutonic cross embellished with symbols and geometric forms. In addition to the conventional elements of a Tibetan Mandala, I added symbols and structures of other cultures: I-Ching Hexagrams, architecture from Uxmal, Indian palaces and Sanskrit writing. These are meant to depict the universal archetypes of world religion.Tibetan_Mandala 8x10

Detail views:

This is the center of the mandala:


Right side:





Upper left corner:





This is a mandala design of pure geometry with four-fold symmetry axis, multiple layers of ink and Celtic knots. The woven, ribbon like structure in each corner is actually a single continuous strand. Over one hundred hours of design work and drawing was required to complete this piece.  This was also one of my first large mandalas and is the most complicated and difficult to draw. Zoroaster is a 14 X 17 pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The initial design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Buy archival prints of this drawing here.

zororaster, mandala drawing, eastern religion drawing, celtic knot drawing

It’s hard to understand the level of complexity in this drawing without seeing the original in person. These close-ups might help you get a little bit of a feel for this incredibly complex mandala.







This is one of my first mandala style drawing that attempts to describe structure and perspective. The design is based on a four-fold symmetry axis with perspective vanishing points in the center, and at the edges of the cross-like structure. Spheres is an 14″x17″ pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Purchase archival prints of this drawing here.


Spheres 8x10


Here is some close-up detail of parts of the drawing. You can see the intricate pen strokes that are incorporated into the drawing, all added to the drawing free-hand with pen and ink.