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Ring of Infinity


The pure geometry of this drawing is meant to symbolize the perfection, intricacy and infinity of the our universe. Symmetrical mutually reinforcing elements appear to float in space, balanced and harmonious. The process of creating this design was spontaneous improvisation. The primary design for the drawing is a two-fold symmetry axis reflecting a mirror image of the upper and lower halves. There are over 50,000 individual pen strokes in the circular mesh band in the center.



Product Description

This is a very early drawing done in the 1980s. Rings, circles, and spheres are the primary theme. These are interlocked and woven together in a balanced symmetrical arrangement. My favorite artist is MC Escher. I find all of his works to be interesting, and many are simply incredible in concept and technique.  In “Ring of Infinity” I have tried to mimic a theme from Escher by implementing a woven net that receeds to infinity at the central vanishing point in the center.

Ring is a 14″x17″ pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The initial design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor. Once the design was created, I drew the final image freehand in ink. This drawing is available in 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 archival quality prints. The 16×20 print has the same dimensions as the original drawing, just printed on slightly larger paper.

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8×10 Archival Print, 11×14 Archival Print, 16×20 Archival Print


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