Dark Celestial Ring


This drawing is a re-drawing of Ring of Infinity.  Every detail is meant to be identical to the original,  which is one of the most precise detailed drawings of my collection. However, I wanted to try to alter the contrast of the overall image by adding a dark center. The center has two layers of cross-hatching, with the darkest in the center.


Product Description

This is a 14 X 17 pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The initial design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor. Once the design is created, the final image is drawn over the pencil drawing freehand in ink. The primary design for the drawing is a two-fold symmetry axis reflecting a mirror image of the upper and lower halves. This drawing is available in 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 archival quality prints. The 16×20 print has the same dimensions as the original drawing, just printed on slightly larger paper.

Additional Information


8×10 Archival Print, 11×14 Archival Print, 16×20 Archival Print


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