Dihedral Structure
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Dihedral Structure (in the negative)


This drawing is inspired by my interest in electric machines and motors. The center is a replication of a motor design from a museum in Germany. The central axis is supported by an electromagnet and metal frame. There is a spindle through the center with a rotating armature and flywheels.  Gears, pulleys, electrical wiring and cables, pistons, hydraulics and instrumentation are seen arranged on a two fold symmetry axis.


Product Description

Dihedral Structure is a 14 X 17 pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The initial design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor. Once the design is created, the final image is drawn over the pencil drawing freehand in ink. This drawing is available in 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 archival quality prints. The 16×20 print has the same dimensions as the original drawing, just printed on slightly larger paper.

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8×10 Archival Print, 11×14 Archival Print, 16×20 Archival Print


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