Tibetan Mandala

Tibetan Mandala was one of my first large mandalas. The design is based on the traditional Tibetan Mandala format: a Teutonic cross embellished with symbols and geometric forms. In addition to the conventional elements of a Tibetan Mandala, I added symbols and structures of other cultures: I-Ching Hexagrams, architecture from Uxmal, Indian palaces and Sanskrit writing. These are meant to depict the universal archetypes of world religion.Tibetan_Mandala 8x10

Detail views:

This is the center of the mandala:


Right side:





Upper left corner:





  1. Iman Syed says

    absolutely stunning, so detailed and interesting and wonderful. Can i ask you how long this took to draw?

  2. says

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, thank you for your comments! The mandala took about 80 hours to draw. Sorry, I don’t create t-shirts with my drawings. Feel free to buy prints, though!

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