This is a mandala design of pure geometry with four-fold symmetry axis, multiple layers of ink and Celtic knots. The woven, ribbon like structure in each corner is actually a single continuous strand. Over one hundred hours of design work and drawing was required to complete this piece.  This was also one of my first large mandalas and is the most complicated and difficult to draw. Zoroaster is a 14 X 17 pen and ink drawing, drawn using a .25 mm Rapidograph pen and black India ink. The initial design was created using a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Buy archival prints of this drawing here.

zororaster, mandala drawing, eastern religion drawing, celtic knot drawing

It’s hard to understand the level of complexity in this drawing without seeing the original in person. These close-ups might help you get a little bit of a feel for this incredibly complex mandala.







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