About the Art

My drawings are all done by hand, using Rapidiograph pens. I use a ruler and a compass to generate a pencil line grid. Once the grid is in place I then draw the designs in ink. The images are randomly generated and sometimes change significantly during the process of creating them. The drawings are created by drawing one symmetrical feature at a time, much like growing a crystal.

The Mandala drawings are inspired by my interest in Hinduism, Hatha Yoga, Indian mysticism, floorplans of European cathedrals, as well as my interest in crystallography. My drawings are an expression of the inherent beauty found in symmetrical structures. I began drawing mandalas while attending Indian Springs School in Helena, Alabama. The first mandala drawings began as simple experiments requiring a few hours to design. This eventually led to the more complex designs which required 80 to 100 hours to complete. Some drawings are abstract geometrical designs. In others, I have tried to incorporate archetypical symbols and shapes similar to Rorschach patterns which may invoke a variety of conceptualizations to viewers of my artwork.

Tibetan mandalas have provided much of the inspiration for my mandala drawings. I have also found much fascination with the artwork of the Celts, especially the Celtic knots which I have incorporated into a few designs. I have also tried, in a small way, to emulate M.C. Escher, whose work is quite enigmatic. The majority of my drawings are done with black ink, although some have been re-drawn in color.